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Eye treatments Allergy safe beauty products



  • Extremely convenient

  • Allergy safe beauty products

  • Great for people with active lifestyles

  • No need to keep reapplying your make-up

  • Permanent cosmetics are an exciting treatment which enhances facial features such as eyes, brows and lips.

  • Once permanent cosmetics are applied by Cosmetic Contour you will always look your best morning, noon and night

Permanent make-up service

Our services include:

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Eyebrow tattooing

Wake up looking fantastic with permanent make-up services by Cosmetic Contour with our head office based in Cornwall and Devon or various salons throughout the UK. Get beautiful eyes, lips, and eyebrows that last forever. You can be sure that your make-up will look natural and will last all day long, every day!

•  Eyebrow tattooing

•  Eye treatments

•  Lip contouring

•  Blusher contouring

•  Scar camouflage

Cosmetic Contour has been helping clients across the UK look younger for over 10 years, boosting self-esteem and confidence. You too can look your finest with professional permanent make-up services throughout the UK. Get in touch with us to book an appointment today!

The average woman uses 12 different products a day. Products containing 168 ingredients which can be particularly hard on the skin.

Cosmetic Contour have been helping clients across the UK look younger for over 10 years, boosting self-esteem and confidence. All treatments are carried out by Daphne J. Smith, an Advanced Permanent Make Up Technician and member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), which means you're in safe hands. Our permanent makeup uses the highest grade of pharmaceutical pigments assuring quality and long lasting colour. Look your best everyday!


  • Perfectly shaped and fuller eyebrows will frame your eyes and flatter your facial features

  • Adding permanent colour to lips adds definition and fullness and no need for lipstick

  • Defining eye-liner on upper and lower lashes gives a flawless look and opens up your eyes

  • Revolutionary paramedical techniques help to recreate lost colour in the face and can help rebuild facial features. We work closely with victims of burns, accidents, cancer and those born with facial disfigurements to create a confident and positive look

Save time & look beautiful all the time with the hottest trend in makeup

hottest trend in makeup Permanent make-up service

Why should you choose permanent make-up?

Imagine a world in which you could go to bed without having to remove your make up. Imagine waking up the next morning and being able to skip the daily ritual of Appling lipstick or adding eyeliner to your face. You could set your alarm clock later and still wake up ready for the day with your make up perfectly applied and in place. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, with permanent make up these aren’t just another fantasy and its helping people like you wake up to a perfect day!


Beauty is skin deep!

Have you seen a look that has inspired you or do you have your own signature look, colour or shade? With permanent makeup you never have to part with your favourite look or spend time expertly matching colours. Very similar to tattooing, permanent make up involves adding colour just below the top layer of skin. This adds a permanent pigmentation of colour to lips, eyelids, brows and even cheeks. With permanent make up, beauty really is skin deep!


No more Reapplying

Permanent make up means you never have to wash off or reapply your make up and this is why many women have chosen to have the beauty treatment done. Some of the most popular treatments include Permanent 3D Enhanced Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lipstick that never smudges or comes off! There are choices of colours similar to choosing your favourite shade of lipstick or eyeliner and within 3 weeks of having the procedure your permanent look will shine through!


“In the modern world of busy, multitasking women could this be the answer to looking your best all the time?” Our happy customers seem to think so!


Thinking about Permanent Make Up? We would be happy to answer any questions or help with any queries you have! Either call us or send us a message!

Daphne travels extensively throughout the UK – You will Find Cosmetic Contour throughout Devon and Cornwall, Somerset, Wiltshire, Wales, The Midlands, Leeds, London, Hampshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Hereford, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Surrey – Please call for your nearest clinic or salon.