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Eye Enhancement Procedures

They say eyes are the focal point of beauty, here at cosmetic contour we offer a wide range of Eye Procedures that can and will enhance your eyes permanently.


Using a soft make up pencil or some pigment Daphne will show you the different types of eye procedures that you could have. If its a subtle lash enhancement you want, then we follow the natural shape of your eye placing pigment at the base of the lashes making the eyes appear more awake and open.


Shape is the key to the balance of your eyes, eye shaping allows us to improve the appearance of your eyes as a whole. We use professional techniques, similar to professional make-up artists improving the shape/contour of your eyes makes all the difference when increasing your appearance overall.

"Fantastic treatment! Had my lash liner done last month and I absolutely love it! Daphne is lovely and the results are fab!"

- Laura Pardoe

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One of our most effective treatments for eyes is eyeliner. For a more dramatic look we can take the pigment onto the eyelid, giving you an eyeliner that is as subtle or as thick as you would like. why not add a flick to open up the eye even more?

One of our most popular treatments is a Lash Enhancement, it’s a subtle procedure following the natural shape of the eye by placing pigment at the base of the lashes making the eyes appear more awake and open.

Lash enhancement


wide range of Eye Procedures

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