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Micropigmentation for youthful looking skin

Anything that gives you a few extra minutes in bed in the morning, and doesn’t make you look so frightening when you do finally emerge from under the covers can only be a good thing.

Most women would never contemplate leaving the house without at least a little bit of make-up on, which takes up precious time in the morning.


Apparently the average woman uses an incredible 12 different products a day. No wonder women take so long to get ready, but more worrying than the time involved is that those products could contain nearly 170 ingredients which can lead to skin sensitivity and allergic reactions.


Daphne of Cosmetic Contour Permanent Make Up has been providing Permanent Make Up for over 10 years. Originally trained by Karen Betts of Nouveau Beauty Group, Daphne went on to get further qualifications in Paramedical tattooing and Skin Camouflage. When Daphne isn’t helping women to feel great about themselves she can be found in her studio at home restoring fine bone china. Both her work and hobby require’s total concentration and a very steady hand. Every year Daphne attends the world conference for permanent make up saying “its vital to keep abreast of what’s happening in the industry” and “it never fails to give her inspiration ” Daphne’s very professional, friendly and relaxed manner quickly allays any concerns clients may have prior to a procedure.

"Exceptionally professional and experienced treatment received. I've waited 16 years for a 3D eyebrow enhancement to become available and I never expected to receive such an amazing transformation! Ecstatic long term customer!"

- Amy Beth Lee

Daphne of Cosmetic Contour Permanent Make Up Tanya of Cosmetic Contour Permanent Make Up


Tanya first came to Daphne as a client in 2005 to have her eyebrows enhanced and hasn’t left her since!  Tanya says “I will be your first port of call and with my personal experience of the procedures, I will be able to advise and guide you throughout the process.  I look forward to helping you make the best decision of your life!

youthful looking skin

Permanent Cosmetics are ideal for anyone who wants to look great and feel great without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. Call us for an appointment today on: